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Picbasic Pro 3 0 21 [March-2022]




Zim: Simpler. Faster. Easier. Zim is a free, lightweight text editor that removes the need to install additional software on your computer. Learn More Zim Cockpit: Data-centric, interactive workspaces Hannah Pickett is a UI designer at Cloudflare and a graduate student at the University of Toronto. She loves cockpits like hers—searchable, interactive, and designed to be quickly put into the hands of users. Her sketch notes and design ideas live inside a workspace that quickly organizes and colors-codes those ideas. Hannah’s sketch and UI notes are easily organized by task and then linked to source data files, including data sourced from a Google Sheet, allowing her to access her notes and source data from anywhere, without having to stop or open separate tools. Google Docs: Simplicity I work at Google Docs and in my free time I love making user interfaces for other products. One of my favorite UI patterns is simple visual UI for connecting with data, as the Google Docs team has done so well with Photos and Sheets. I wanted to make the experience of adding data to an AppEngine app a little bit more convenient, so I put the work into making a simple Google Docs UI that can launch a spreadsheet into the sidebar when a new task is created. It’s a pattern I’ve used in a few other products, and I like it because the underlying data source and user interface can be the same. Firebase: Flexible data access and storage At Dataworks, we’ve found Firebase to be an incredibly flexible and low-friction way of accessing data and storing it in the cloud. It is especially useful for us because we often need to store structured data. Developers and customers have different ways to retrieve data, so we want to make sure we’re using the right abstraction. We also like how this library is built on top of other libraries, like their database. As we’ve extended Firebase with our own data models, we’ve also built our own abstractions on top of the rest of the platform. Translated to Kaggle: A platform to create and share models When thinking about the data team at Kaggle, one of the most important characteristics we want to convey is the flexibility of the platform. We want you to create models in many ways: using your favorite



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Picbasic Pro 3 0 21 [March-2022]
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